Miếng Keo Mềm Vệ Sinh Đa Năng

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Giới thiệu Miếng Keo Mềm Vệ Sinh Đa Năng


- It can effectively absorb the dust and dust in the crevice.

- Experiments show that common bacteria can kill effectively.

- No traces, no damage to the surface, fresh fragrance.

- The best partner for cleaning electronic equipment.

Project: Multifunctional dedusting glue cleaner

Material: magic glue

The main ingredients:

Disinfectants, preservatives, boric acid, methyl-p-benzoic acid, spices

Equipment: General

Random Color

Weight: 160g

Size: 17.5 x 11.7 cm / 6.9 x 4.6 inches

Clearance of the interior clearance of the car, clean car audio clearance, crevices and dirt on the computer keyboard and mouse buttons, or digital device points on the surface of the LCD screen, these clean-ups seem to be carefully placed, and often let us clean work do not know how to start.

I believe all those who have done housework know that it is a terrible thing to clean up the dust in these cracks.

Now, the revolutionary creation of clean glue allows you to easily handle the dust in the depths of these cracks.

The main purpose:

Clean computer keyboards, clothes, car interiors, mobile phones, telephones, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, etc.

If it is a home that has just been renovated, there must be many places where there is a lot of dust, use universal cleaning glue! It's simple for you.

Service life:

Use it multiple times until it feels sticky. After use, please put the bag in a cool and dry place.

Package Package: 1PCS

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